October 30

New Steam Facility at the Wyandotte Power Plant

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New Steam Facility at the Wyandotte Power Plant

The Wyandotte Municipal Services Commission and the Wyandotte City Council approved the acquisition of the package boilers and construction of the building housing the boilers subsequent to a competitive bidding process.  Under the partnership agreement, Henry Ford Hospital will be responsible for cost of one boiler and Wyandotte Municipal Services will be responsible for the cost of the other.  These boilers will be housed inside of the new building at the North side of the power plant.  Power Plant staff will monitor and maintain the daily operation of this facility.    

The Wyandotte Power Plant has been providing steam to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital since 1932.  The hospital utilizes the steam to generate hot water for their daily processes such as instrument sterilization and heating.  The Wyandotte Power Plant and Water Filtration Plant, which are both located on the Van Alstyne site, use the steam to heat their facilities.      

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