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How to use the VU-IT app!  

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How to use the VU-IT app!  

Be in control with the all-powerful Vu-It app!        
With the VU-IT App, you can stream live TV and recorded shows to your mobile device.  You can even download recorded shows to your device to take with you when you're on the go.  Just make sure your VU-IT DVR and your mobile device are connected to the same home network, download the free Vu-It app to your mobile device, and you're ready to get started! (Bonus: The VU-IT app also let you schedule recording, control live TV, search for shows, and more!

Note: Streaming or downloading requires compatible TiVo hardware and supported mobile device running current software.  Some shows cannot be streamed or downloaded due to copy protection assigned them by the program provider.

Get the VU-IT app!
To download the app visit



To use the VU-IT App:
  1. Sign up for watchTVeverywhere if you haven't done so already*
  2. Sign in to the app using your watchTVeverywhere email and password
  3. Tap ‘My Shows.’ Make sure the ‘On DVR’ tab is selected
  4. To stream: tap ‘Watch Now’ at the bottom of the screen
  5. To download: tap ‘Download’ at the bottom of the screen
To stream or download shows to your mobile device:
 1. Sign in to the VU-IT app on your mobile device. *
 2. WiFI is required to stream on your mobile devices.
 3. Tap ‘My Shows.’ Make sure that the ‘On DVR’ tab is selected.
 4. Do one of the following:
• To stream a show: tap ‘Watch Now’ at the top of the screen.
• To download a show: tap ‘Download’ at the top of the screen.

*If you have not registered for watchTVeverywhere, please do so before attempting to log in to the  VU-IT app.
A watchTVeverywhere login and password is required for the VU-IT platform. Visit our watchTVeverwhere page on how to sign up or call Customer Assistance at 734-324-7190.
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