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Help and Tips

Answers to common DVR questions

1.) Where are the shows I recorded?
On your remote press the button List. If yours does not, you can also access your recordings by pressing Menu, then selecting from the menu bar DVR, then selecting My Recordings.

2.) I can’t delete a certain program from my DVR and/or I get a prompt that says “File in use Error: CIU”. How do I fix this?
A hard reset (pulling the power cord out of the wall for 10 seconds) will reset the box and fix this problem. If this does not solve the DVR issue, please contact Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

3.) How many hours of saved programming does my DVR hold?
It depends on the type of programming. Digital channels are very easy to compress, analog programming requires more space, while HD programs take even more. There are other variable factors depending on the show as well.

If you recorded all digital shows on your DVR you could fit between 55 and 100 hours on the hard drive. If you recorded all analog you would have room for between 35 and 43 hours. If you recorded all HD you could probably get around 20 hours saved.

4.) Can I record 2 programs at the same time?
All our DVRs are equipped with dual tuners so you can record one program and watch another at the same time. This also makes it possible to record 2 programs at the same time with the limitation that if you want to watch television during that time you must watch one of the programs being recorded. It is also possible to record 2 programs at once and watch one of the programs already recorded to your DVR.

5.) Can I take my DVR with me to my new address?
If you are moving someplace else in Wyandotte, absolutely! If you are moving outside of the city, unfortunately you cannot. Your Wyandotte DVR will not work in another cable system.

6.) How do I set up my DVR so it records my favorite show for me automatically?
On your Wyandotte digital remote, go into the Guide. Find the program you would like to record and press OK/Select. Underneath the description of the program select the icon with the red dot- Set or Cancel a recording. From the prompt that appears, select Set a series recording. From the next prompt, set the options with the cursor keys:

Record- The options are Only new episodes, New and Repeats, and All with duplicates.
Save- The options are All episodes and Only (x number of) episodes. Selecting Only x episodes means that after that number of that program have been recorded, the DVR will begin to automatically delete the oldest program to make room as new episodes are recorded.
Save until- The options are Space is needed and I delete. Selecting Space is needed will cause the DVR to begin deleting programs when the hard drive runs out of space automatically, oldest programs being deleted first. Selecting I delete will cause the DVR to delete other programs to make space if needed, and will not delete the programs from this timer automatically.
After you have adjusted these settings to your preferences, highlight Record series with these settings and press OK/Select. Now your series will begin to record automatically.
To manage your series recordings, go to Menu, DVR, Series Recordings. To view upcoming recording times from series recordings or individually set recordings, go to Menu, DVR, Future Recordings. Programs which are scheduled to record in the future will also have a red dot next to them in the guide.

7.) I only have a couple shows recorded but my DVR says it’s 99% or 100% full?
A hard reset (pulling the power cord for 10 seconds) should force the hard drive to re-segment itself and fix this problem.  If the problem persists after a reset, there may be something physically wrong with your DVR’s hard drive. We can make an appointment to bring you a new DVR, at no charge to you of course. If this does not solve the DVR issue, please contact Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

8.) How do I record city meetings or other Public, Educational or Government (PEG) programs?
Since they are broadcast on our Public, Educational or Government (PEGchannels (15, 16 & 18), there’s no program guide information that the DVR uses to set up a recording automatically so the only way to do it is to set up a manual timer. This means you have to know when the meeting or other Public, Educational or Government (PEG) programs are scheduled. See Channel 15, 16 & 18 Program Guides below.

Channel 15 Program Guide
Channel 16 Program Guide

To set up a manual timer, on your Wyandotte Digital remote press Cable, then press Menu. From the bar that appears at the bottom of the screen, select DVR. From the DVR menu, select Set A Recording.  In the next prompt, set the start timestop time, and date to when the recording will take place, then select Confirm. From the next screen, select the channel the program will be on (customer assistance can tell you this information as well). From the next prompt all you need to do is select Create Recording and your timer should be set.
Since there’s no guide info on these events, keep in mind the recording will appear in your DVR list as “Recording (date/time)” after it records.

Need help with your Wyandotte Digital Cable remote control?

What can I do if my remote control stops working?
First check and replace the batteries.  If this does not solve the remote issue, the remote control may need to be reprogrammed. If you need help with your remote control, contact Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm.

These links will take you to the manufacturer’s website where you can get programming instructions, updated device codes, and troubleshooting tips.
Just click on the remote you have.
1.Graphic-Remote1     2.Graphic-Remote2     3.Graphic-Remote3

Common Video On Demand Errors

There are many possible error codes which you can read about below:
  • 220 Error: This error occurs when someone tries to order an HD program on a digital box.  Any program in the VOD menu that is in HD will have “HD” after the title. To upgrade to our HD or HD-DVR service please call 734.324.7190 Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.
  • 301 ErrorThis error occurs when someone tries to order a movie or event which will put them over their monthly or daily credit limit.  Most customers have a $75 per month limit.  If you would like your credit limit raised please contact Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm.
  • 403 & 408 Errors: These error codes can have a number of causes. They can indicate a problem with the box, a problem with the physical cabling to the box, or a larger scale problem with the VOD server. Please contact Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm.
  • 462 ErrorThis error can be caused by problems with the billing database but can also be caused by network issues. Please contact Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm.
  • 465 ErrorThis error is almost always caused by the cable box. Please contact Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm.

Troubleshooting Digital Problems: One Channel Out

NOT AUTHORIZED means that the box has been told by the controller not to display this channel. 
ONE MOMENT PLEASE usually suggests a different kind of problem. When a box says ONE MOMENT PLEASE, THIS CHANNEL SHOULD BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY this means that the box is authorized to display the channel but the signal quality is so poor that the box cannot reconstruct the picture. After a few minutes if the issue does not improve, please contact Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm. 

Troubleshooting: No Picture

No picture on a digital box can often be corrected by the following:
1.) Does the cable box have power?
         a.)  Check if the power cord for the cable box is plugged in.
2.) Is the power to the cable box turned on? This is indicated in the following ways:
a.) On older DVRs and HDs there will be a yellow dot where it says “On” on the front of the box. No yellow dot = Off.

b.) On the newer box, there will be a green dot lit on the front of the box when it is powered up. No green dot =Off.

c.) On the newer HDs and DVRs, there are 2 states the front panel will display. If the box is “On”, the picture format will be displayed to the right of the time (or channel, if the display time option is disabled) so you will see “480”, “720”, or “1080”. If the box is turned off, it will display “Standby” to the left of the time (or channel). Standby= Off.
If the problem is determined to be that the power to the box is turned off, it can be restored by pressing “Power” on the front of the box, or by pressing “Cable”, “Power” on the cable box remote. Please make sure the box is plugged into the electrical outlet.  If the tips above do not solve the issue, please contact Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm.

Digital Cable and Parental Control
Wyandotte’s digital converter boxes support parental control so you can control access to programming you might find inappropriate for children to view. Below we discuss how to set up this feature.

Initial Set-up- To activate parental control on a DVR or HD converter, on the Wyandotte digital remote press Menu, then select Main Menu from the menu bar, and then select Parental Controls. To activate parental control on a digital box press Menu, select Main Menu from the menu bar, then select Setup, then Locks Setup. The menu path to access the feature is the only difference between using parental control on a digital box and using parental control on a DVR/HD. In all other ways it works the same.
Entering a PIN- When you access parental control for the first time you will be prompted to select a PIN. Enter a four-digit code that will be easy for you to remember but difficult for anybody else to guess and press OK/Select. You will have to do this twice to confirm.
Using locks- In parental control, you have the option to lock programs by TV or movie rating, or to lock entire channels. Scroll through the ratings with the cursor key. Anything you want to lock, simply press OK/Select on. A small lock icon will appear next to the locked option. If one tries to tune to a program with a rating or channel which is “locked”, they will be prompted to enter the PIN number. If the PIN is not entered correctly, the channel will not be seen. By selecting Hide in the Adult Titles field all adult programs will be displayed in the guide as “Adult program”. More information on what TV Ratings mean can be found at More information on what movie ratings mean can be found at
Lost PIN- If you lose your pin you can have the box reset to its factory defaults by calling Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm. You can then set up your PIN again. Note: You will have to restore any custom settings as they will be lost in the factory reset.

Digital Boxes: Setting the Auto Tune Feature
On a digital box, auto tune can be accessed by pressing Menu, selecting Main Menu (the house icon), selecting Setup, selecting Guide Setup, then selecting the third option Channel Entry Behavior. With the left/right cursor keys, one can toggle between the 2 options: Auto Tune and No Auto Tune. Select Auto Tune, then press OK/Select. Now the auto tune feature should be working.

Digital Boxes: Clock or Display Channel?
Most Wyandotte digital boxes and all HD/DVRs have the option of displaying either the time or the current channel on the LED display on the front of the box. You can change this any time with their Wyandotte Cable remote.

To access this feature, press Menu, select Main Menu (the house icon), select Setup, and then select Cable Box Setup. The first option in Cable Box Setup is Front LED Display. With the left/right cursor keys, you can toggle between the 2 options Current Time and Current Channel. Whichever is selected is what will be on the front of the box.
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