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Grant Program Overview

Current Grant!

Back in 2006 and 2008 Wyandotte Municipal Services received two earmark grants for ‘Wind on Brownfields’.  After several years of investigation, it was concluded that utility size wind was not possible in Wyandotte (please see the Wind page for details).  The grants were thought to be lost until the end of 2012 when new DOE project management was assigned to our account and have proceeded to work with WMS to redevelop the scope of the project and allow a much broader use of these funds.  The new grant is called Wyandotte Integrated Energy Strategy II (WIRES II) and the new project scope will include the following:
  • Task 1 is the evaluation and installation of energy-efficient and low-maintenance LED streetlights and stadium lights in prominent downtown areas, major thoroughfares, and parks to create significant energy and labor savings.
  • Task 2 is the planning and installation of micro-wind turbine demonstration sites. Sites being evaluated include: 3200 Biddle Building, Power Plant, BASF Chemical, American Legion Hall and other city and municipally-owned buildings, and key customer sites, as feasible.
  • Task 3 is the evaluation, engineering, plan development, and installation of a geothermal infrastructure to support an expanding district energy system in Wyandotte.  The buildings to be evaluated as part of this geothermal energy infrastructure may include: 3200 Biddle Building (houses the Wyandotte City Hall, Chase Bank and the Osteopathic Department of Henry Ford Community Hospital), Wyandotte Fire Hall, Museum Campus (3 historic buildings), Bacon Memorial District Library, west side electric building, and other city and municipally-owned buildings, and key customer sites, as deemed feasible.
  • Task 4 is the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at prominent community locations including the area of Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, Yack Arena or other local businesses in order to provide high visibility of the renewable projects and their benefits. 
  • Task 5 is the Renewable Energy Job Training Program and the School & Public Outreach Program, which will use the technology deployments to gain support and participation of local businesses and homeowners for deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.  Wyandotte will seek to create a training program in partnership with the Wyandotte School System and an education/business training consultant.  This program will teach Wyandotte residents, WMS employees, and elementary through high school and community college students, the skills they need to understand energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.  Skill sets will include engineering fundamentals (math, physics and general science), evaluation, planning, design, installation and maintenance of systems.
WMS is hoping to begin the transformation of the community to a clean energy future through the education and understanding of renewable and energy efficiency technologies.
WMS will create a “Save A Watt in Wyandotte” Info project that provides public and educational outreach on its renewable energy projects, with information on how others can adopt them.  This will include an interactive kiosk in City Hall and possibly other public spaces with information on the renewable sources and possibly real-time tracking displays for the energy saved and greenhouse gases reduced from renewables in Wyandotte.  Outreach and teaching program in the local schools will include classroom instruction, teacher development, science lab/camp, teaching aids, educational brochures, web site information and marketing activities.  

EECBG (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant)

Called WIRES, Wyandotte Integrated Renewable Energy Strategy – In 2010, Wyandotte Municipal Services was awarded 3.807 million in grant funds from the Department of Energy (DOE) to cover several areas of energy improvements.
  • Solar Panel installation – 212.6 kW were installed at the water settling basin and the adjacent tennis court area.
  • Geothermal installations – Multiple systems were installed in city/municipal owned buildings including the water filtration plant and office facility, and the American Legion.
  • Energy Audit Program – This was a large endeavor to reach out to as many homes as possible to provide a Free Home Energy Audit and energy efficiency products. Many homeowners then had the opportunity to follow through with recommended upgrades and be rewarded with incentives and rebates.
  • 1.99% APR Low Interest Loan Program – this program has allowed many homeowners and business owners to make the necessary upgrades needed to their facility while taking advantage of low cost capital funds that they may not have had access to.

Better Buildings for Michigan

In 2012, Wyandotte Municipal Services received a State of Michigan grant to provide a more comprehensive Home Energy Audit Program. These funds, 1.1 million of which we had direct access to 315k, allowed WMS to further define our program to benefit our homeowners and allow marketing campaigns targeted to signing up people for the programs.  Helped us enhance the overall awareness of our programs and build our Energy Saving Program brand, Save A Watt in Wyandotte!  

$315,000 for program and marketing outreach. $779,689.40 for the loan loss reserve and incentives/rebates through Michigan Saves. Wyandotte residents should be proud that more than 2000 residents participated, over $175,000 was paid back in rebates and collectively over $1,758,000 was spent in upgrading homes to be more energy efficient and save the homeowners money!!  The program is still ongoing, so don’t miss your chance, call or go online now to schedule your Free Home Energy Audit

Library Award for reaching Home Energy Audit goal of 2000 – energy efficiency lighting and a 3 kW Solar Photovoltaic system was installed at the Bacon Memorial District Library.

State of Michigan Grant

$100,000 for the installation retrofits of LED streetlights along Eureka Road from Roosevelt High to Biddle Avenue north to the Bacon Memorial District Library.

Energy Audit Program

Energy Audit Info

The Save A Watt in Wyandotte Energy Audit Program has been running now since May 2011 and has been a tremendous success.  Wyandotte residents and business owners should be proud of the advancement in energy efficiency that they have contributed to our community.
  • Over 2500 Energy Audits have been performed and the program is still on going.  People can sign up online at or call 1.855.674.9926.
  • Over 350 residents have chosen to take further action and have advanced energy saving measures performed contributing over 1.7 million to the local economy.
  • Over 65 residents have taken advantage of the 1.99% APR low interest loans through the Michigan Saves program. 
  • Rebates that have been paid to homeowners total over 175k. 
The current program consists of having an independent Energy Advisor and a program participating contractor come to your home for a walk through audit where they will talk to you and perform various checks and tests.  A written report is given to the homeowner with suggestions and recommendations for do-it-yourself and contractor performed energy saving measures.
Community functions where you can find our independent Energy Advisor to ask questions or sign up for a Free Home Energy Audit include:
  • Customer Assistance Center – on various days you will see Jim in the lobby – stop and say Hello!
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Wyandotte’s Street Art Fair
  • Earth Day
Check calendar for upcoming events

History of CFL Program – The beginning of the
Save a Watt in Wyandotte programs

  • WMS wanted our community to “Save A Watt” by installing 100,000 Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) in our homes and businesses!
  • WMS received a grant from the State of Michigan Public Services Commission to undertake a pilot project to distribute 100,000 CFLs throughout Wyandotte.  The goal was to reduce WMS energy load by 1-3%. 
  • The key to this energy reduction was for everyone to change out incandescent for CFL bulbs and not wait for the incandescent bulbs to burn out.  There are too many benefits of installing CFL bulbs to wait!
  • 80,000 coupons were given out in 3 months – a huge success!

Did you help us “Save a Watt in Wyandotte”?

CFL Facts

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