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What is an Energy Audit and why should you have one done now?

An Energy Audit evaluates an existing building to determine where and how energy is being lost, what systems are operating inefficiently, and what cost-effective improvements you can implement to enhance your comfort, make the building more durable and lower your utility costs.
A trained energy professional (RESNET or BPI Certified Auditor) will pinpoint the areas of your home where energy is being wasted or used inefficiently. The auditor will give you a report during his or her visit listing ways you can improve your home’s efficiency that will pay financial dividends every time your utility bill arrives.
The benefits of having an Energy Audit performed at your home include saving money on your energy bills, increasing your comfort, increasing the resale value, uncovering hidden problems, learning about incentives that are available to you, and helping the environment.
Have you called for your FREE home energy audit?
The Home Energy Audit Program is designed to allow you to decide how far you want to go to improve your family’s comfort and save money through energy efficiency.
Wyandotte residents have a limited time to schedule the Energy Audit process and reap the financial, health and comfort benefits associated with the following program activities:
  • FREE walk-through home energy audit.
  • Installation of free energy-saving devices.
  • Learn about quick and easy do-it-yourself energy improvements.
  • Contractor performed energy audit with blower door test (helps determine energy losses)
  • Substantial rebates on energy-saving home improvements and equipment.
  • 1.99% APR Low interest financing available for qualifying upgrades.
Program Extended and streamlined for a limited time
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The “Save a Watt in Wyandotte” Home Energy Audit Program is being offered by Wyandotte Municipal Services (WMS) through competitively awarded grants from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Program.
The aim of the program is to bring thousands of homes in the City of Wyandotte free or deeply-discounted energy upgrades to improve comfort, health and energy efficiency.
WMS is saying…“NOW IS THE TIME!” by offering residents no cost home energy audits, the opportunity to take advantage of numerous incentives and increased rebates, and access to very low interest (1.99% APR) loans for major energy efficiency upgrades. For example, a $5,000 loan at 1.99% APR for five years has an estimated monthly payment of $88. A program contractor can help you contact the Michigan Saves lender for details.
We have already helped over 2,000 of your neighbors in Wyandotte to make their homes more energy efficient, safer, and more comfortable while lowering ther utility bills. Each homeowner has been educated on ways their home can be improved; many improvements can be done by the homeowner with little to no cost.
Because of such high resident participation in the program, Wyandotte Municipal Services received backing to sponsor $25,000 worth of energy efficiency lighting (electronic ballasts, upgrade to high performance/low wattage T8 lamps, LED exit signs and occupancy sensors) and a 3 kW Solar Photovoltaic for the Bacon Memorial District Library.
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