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Wyandotte Cable Needs Your Help!

Dear Wyandotte Resident:

Wyandotte Cable is interested in offering value cable service packages. By this we mean fewer channels but at a lower rate. We would also offer value add on channel packages as well.

Wyandotte Cable wants to ensure we include the channels that most of our subscribers would want. That’s where we need your help by answering the questions below. Wyandotte Cable desires to offer a value ‘Advantage’ package as well as ‘Variety I’ & Variety II’ value add on packages. We would still offer all the current cable packages available today. Your feedback will help us create channel offering packages that meet the needs of our subscribers.

Our decision on which channels can be included in our value packages will be based on customer demand, cost of channel(s) and programmer cooperation in allowing their services to be part of these cable packages.

Are you a current Wyandotte Cable customer? *    

If Wyandotte Cable offered value cable package(s) (fewer channels at a lower rate), which 10 channels would you rate as ‘must have’ channels you would want in that package?

Please check one box per question.

Sports programming is the most expensive programming we offer. If it were not possible to offer sports (Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports) in the primary Advantage value package, would you still be interested?

If Wyandotte Cable Offered a primary Advantage value package and Variety I & Variety II add on package(s) that contained sports networks that was still a good value, would you be interested?

By 2021 local broadcast channels (ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC) are expected to add approximately $20.00 to the cost of your monthly Basic Cable bill. Would you be willing to drop local broadcast channels to save $20.00 a month on your cable bill? Note: these services would still be available via antenna for free or direct from online provider(s) free or via subscription service.




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